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In line with current demands, ELT Innovators 2020 Conference on EFL Teaching and Learning sets itself as a virtual asynchronous event that offers a profesional development opportunity for EFL teachers of Ecuador. As the theme ¨Learning from one another¨  indicates, the conference seeks to promote mutual learning by providing both presenters and attendees with a space for reflection and feedback on topics realted to the teaching and learning of English in foreign contexts.

In this first edition, a group of committed EFL professionals residing in different parts of Ecuador make themselves heard by disseminating their works and sharing their expertise on the field through thirteen presentations. These communications address ongoing and finished research, reflections of their own teaching practice, as well as revisions of key concepts for language teaching and learning, including theories, methods, strategies and techniques.    

As organizers of this event, ELT Innovators Research Group express their gratitude for your contributions and participation. We hope that this experience provides you with lots of learning and the possibility of distracting your minds in this moment of distress. 

Enhancing EFL Teaching Practices Through Classroom Research is a blended course that seeks:

• To train secondary school EFL teachers of El Oro in Collaborative Exploratory Action Research to develop their capacity to comply with the specific standard 5.a.3: ¨demonstrate ability to read and conduct classroom research¨ of the Ecuadorian in-service English Teachers Standards.

• To promote the develpment of classroom research as a tool for EFL teacher´s professional development, the enhancement of their teaching practice and the academic progress of their students.

• To provide EFL teachers with tools to participate in academic events and disseminate results of research carried out in the classroom.