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Enhancing EFL Teaching Practices Through Classroom Research is a blended course that seeks:

• To train secondary school EFL teachers of El Oro in Collaborative Exploratory Action Research to develop their capacity to comply with the specific standard 5.a.3: ¨demonstrate ability to read and conduct classroom research¨ of the Ecuadorian in-service English Teachers Standards.

• To promote the develpment of classroom research as a tool for EFL teacher´s professional development, the enhancement of their teaching practice and the academic progress of their students.

• To provide EFL teachers with tools to participate in academic events and disseminate results of research carried out in the classroom.

This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively plan, design, and implement meaningful and contextualized projects that allow English Language Learners to develop the four language abilities. The course will discuss important features to introduce projects into your classroom considering students' learning styles, levels of complexity, contextualized and adapted resources, and authentic assessment criteria.

The course is divided into four units, and it will require you to read and analyze some academic articles, interact with your classmates in forums, and respond to some exploratory questions, creating a learning community based on cooperation. 

The course will provide English teachers the necessary tools to analyze, understand and apply the ESP approach in class to guide their students to function appropriately in a context specific to their professional profile.  Consequently,  participants of the course will be prepared to apply the latest approaches and techniques that professors use for ESP teaching.

Additionally, the course will be based on previous studies about ESP such as a study conducted by Hyland in 2007.  It will describe some of the most significant ideas and practices that influence ESP, focusing on the needs analysis, social constructivism, and discourse analysis.  Similarly, there will be an analysis of the ESP effects for the teaching and research of the target language, which centers more on communicating than on language learning.  Therefore, the activities of this seminar will be practical and based on studies about ESP teaching.